A vibrant Canada where all peoples achieve their full potential and shared prosperity.


We are an Indigenous-led organization that catalyzes meaningful relationships through values-based dialogue, leadership and action.


  • ‘Namwayut – We Are All One
  • Dignity
  • Hope
  • Openness
  • Understanding
  • Courage


Guiding Principles

  • Everyone involved must have a demonstrated commitment to humanity.
  • We respect and seek a diversity of perspectives and experiences to build resilience.
  • This is an environment where people can learn and grow together through sharing our knowledge and experiences.



Internationally renowned Indigenous artist and co-designer of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic medals, Corrine Hunt, designed the logo for the initiative using traditional symbols representing a hummingbird, killer whale and feather to form the shape of a letter “R” surrounded by entwined rings to reflect the Indigenous traditions of talking circles. The result is a spiritually meaningful symbol – the circles symbolizing the three human races coming together as one and our interdependence on the earth, water and air.