Election Day has come and gone, and the votes are in: The Liberal Party of Canada will form a majority government.

Following Monday’s election, there will be 10 Indigenous Members of Parliament in the House of Commons. This is the highest number of Indigenous MPs elected in Canadian history. Early reports suggest that voter turnout during this election was at its highest since 1993 Although official statistics have not yet been announced, early reports suggest that Indigenous voter turnout increased significantly compared to 2011.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our Election 2015 Resource page, everyone who shared our resources and responses we sent to parties, and everyone who reached out to friends, family and community members to engage on reconciliation topics throughout Election 2015.

We would like to offer our congratulations to the Liberal Party, and to all MPs who have been elected. We thank the Bloc Québécois, the Liberal Party, the Green Party and the New Democratic Party for responding to our election questions and sharing their plans for reconciliation.

Although the 42nd Canadian general election has now wrapped up, we urge you to contact your newly elected representative and learn about their plans for reconciliation. Canadians are engaged, and they are looking for answers and action on reconciliation. Reconciliation moving forward requires all people to participate in the conversation, and it is crucial that elected officials take steps to further reconciliation in your community.

Now is the time to take action.