As we near the end of 2015, we reflect back on a year in which Canadians have been called upon to examine their role in reconciliation, and tasked with taking action in their communities. Canada has reached a pivotal role in its history and the future is ours to shape and change.

At Reconciliation Canada, we are working to achieve this change through values-based dialogue, leadership and action. We have seen a year of incredible successes, from co-hosting events to coincide with the TRC closing, to releasing federal party positions on reconciliation during the federal election. It is the dedication and commitment of our supporters and partners that make this possible. And this year, thanks to this incredible support, we became a registered charity.

In order to help us to continue our work, we ask you to give the Gift of Reconciliation this holiday season. By contributing to the campaign, you will help make possible a Multicultural Survivors’ Gathering – Envisioning a New Canada. This event will bring together multicultural survivors of historical injustices. Participating Elders will inform the programmes and initiatives of Reconciliation Canada as we approach Canada’s 150th anniversary.

You can share the gift with your friends, family and loved ones by sending the Gift of Reconciliation card with a personal message. The card features the beautiful Winter Moon design, by renowned Kwagiulth artist Carey Newman. We will be providing an artist honorarium to Carey, who will be directing funds to the Witness Blanket Project.

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $50,000 this holiday season. You can donate to the campaign and send your Gift of Reconciliation card here.

Thank you so much for your continued support.