Ignite Change this Giving Tuesday

As Giving Tuesday approaches, your unwavering support emerges as a cornerstone in Reconciliation Canada’s transformative journey. Among impactful initiatives, the Walk for Reconciliation has stood out, engaging thousands, and symbolizing our collective commitment to a shared future. From community-driven initiatives and a national engagement strategy to tools for collective action and reconciliation dialogue workshops, your consistent contributions empower us to foster vibrant, resilient communities and facilitate meaningful dialogues. As we anticipate the evolving landscape, your continued support will play a pivotal role in helping us realize our vision.

Our Vision for the Future

As we move on to the next phase of our journey at Reconciliation Canada, we stand on the threshold of the future with a deep sense of purpose, and as we reflect on the monumental Truth and Reconciliation process, funded by the largest class-action lawsuit in our nation’s history, we recognize the profound impact it had—the only process that laid bare the violation of children’s human rights during Indian residential schools.

This stark reality propels us to extend the narrative and collective responsibility. The survivors, through their courageous voices, articulated a vision that goes beyond acknowledgment; they called for the construction of houses and cultural centers. Now, it is our collective responsibility to heed that call and ensure a new path forward for the children and grandchildren of those brave survivors. This endeavor is not just an antidote to intergenerational trauma; it’s a legacy—a testament to the resilience of survivors.

Especially in the wake of the discovery of unmarked graves in 2020, the conversation has changed, urging us to deepen our commitment. Our primary goal is to establish dialogue and cultural centers in communities across Canada, responding to the initial and most vital requests of survivors. These centers, besides being tangible symbols of resilience, will be pivotal spaces for essential conversations around intergenerational trauma—a topic that demands more focus and understanding.

Reconciliation Canada is embarking on a ground-breaking mission, extending support to the more than 50% of Indigenous children who live off-reserve in cities across the country. Notably, the profound vision of survivors for Indigenous cultural centers, as they envisioned, remains unrealized in any city across our nation. This unmet aspect of their vision underscores the crucial need to prioritize the creation of spaces of belonging—a profound sense of identity through cultural and dialogue centers.

Emphasizing the critical role of conversations, we recognize the absence of dedicated spaces for dialogues around the enduring impacts of intergenerational trauma. Our immediate focus is on initiating nationwide discussions, marking the vital first step in realizing the survivors’ vision. These dialogues will serve as foundational conversations, stressing the necessity and significance of establishing Indigenous cultural centers in communities across Canada.

We invite you to be a catalyst for this essential dialogue by supporting us on Giving Tuesday. Your contributions will not only help lay the groundwork for these crucial conversations but will play a pivotal role in nurturing a sense of belonging in our communities. Join us on this transformative journey toward healing and unity, as we work together to create spaces that echo the resilience and strength of our Indigenous communities. Your support on Giving Tuesday will be instrumental in taking meaningful strides toward fostering a more compassionate and understanding Canada for generations to come.