The Onjisay Aki International Climate Summit was held at Turtle Lodge in the Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba, Canada from June 8-10, 2017.  The Summit was led by Indigenous Peoples from the centre of the continent of Turtle Island (North America) who steered the proceedings by following Indigenous protocols of engaging and sharing ancestral knowledges concerning relationships with the natural world. Twenty-four speakers – Indigenous knowledge keepers and international climate leaders – were invited by the Turtle Lodge to represent the diversity of the human family, highlighting in accordance with Indigenous teachings that everyone has something to contribute.  

The following Climate Calls to Action, developed at the Summit, have been established in accordance with the Trail of the Turtle. They are steps that we must take to return to a balanced way of life, founded on stewardship of the Earth. Read more about the Climate Summit and the Climate Calls to Action here.

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