From the beginning, I felt that I was bearing witness to something important.

Attending the Reconciliation Leadership Learning Experience (RLLE) allowed me to recognize that I was a young leader. I learned that I could make an impact on my community, and that I had an active voice in reconciliation.

RLLE helped me identifying my role in reconciliation. I gained a firm understanding of what I will do in reconciliation. How I can influence the communities I’m part of. How I can bring RLLE experience with me everywhere I go.

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I believe the path to reconciliation is about the small steps that each and every one of us can take in our own lives. This could be as simple as acknowledging our history, acknowledging the traditional territories, or walking in the Walk for Reconciliation.

You can take a step today too.

I wish every school could witness what I witnessed. I wish that students could hear Chief Joseph speak in every school, participate in the RLLE and other workshops. I wish Reconciliation Canada could provide such opportunities across Canada. And they can with your support.

My hope is that telling my own story will touch someone to start thinking about their own role in reconciliation.

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Reconciliation is a process that starts with you, creating a ripple effect across the country. Join me, and Reconciliation Canada, in supporting reconciliation in Canada.

Thank you,

Troy Barnes
A member of a Klahoose Nation and Vancouver Island University student

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Troy’s story is the third in a line of four impact stories that Reconciliation Canada will share with you this holiday season. By making a gift, you invest in Reconciliation Canada’s charitable programs and organizational capacity to engage increasing numbers of Indigenous peoples and all Canadians in reconciliation. These impact stories coincide with the annual Giving Tuesday movement on November 29, 2016, which encourages giving and volunteering during the holiday season.

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