Reconciliation in Action: where can i buy tren xtreme A National Engagement Strategy

Reconciliation in Action: A National Engagement Strategy will examine and document perceptions, actions and aspirations of Canadians in relation to reconciliation. This narrative will recognize our common history, highlight current achievements and create hope for the next 150 years.

Reconciliation in Action: A National Engagement Strategy is a Canada 150 Signature Project.

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Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops

Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops bring together community leaders to build meaningful partnerships and identify opportunities for collaboration. Each workshop creates a safe space for participants to share personal stories, discuss visions for a better future, and to develop individual and collective Reconciliation Action Plans. Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops have been delivered in a diversity of settings, including government, youth, corporate and community organizations.

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Public Awareness and Education

Public awareness and interactive community outreach activities promote an understanding of our shared histories. Our initiatives allow participants to explore the meaning of reconciliation through community events, keynote speeches and presentations.

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Reconciliation Learning Experiences for Organizations

Reconciliation Canada offers a number of opportunities for organizations to engage with reconciliation, including speaking engagements and Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops.

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