Thank you for your interest in Reconciliation Canada. Currently, we are fully booked for the summer and fall dialogue workshops and public speaking engagements. Please check back later.


Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops

  • Brings together community and organizational leaders to build meaningful partnerships and identify opportunities for collaboration.
  • Creates a safe space for participants to share personal stories, discuss visions for a better future, and to develop Reconciliation Action Plans.
  • Delivered in a diversity of settings, including government, youth, corporate and community organizations.

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Speaking Engagements

Are you interested in delivering an inspiring reconciliation-focused event? Reconciliation Canada team and ambassadors are available for speaking engagements in a number of settings, including delivering keynote speeches, panel discussion panel, event moderation, and facilitation.

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Lunch and Learn Sessions

A Lunch and Learn Session is an opportunity for groups to begin the dialogue on reconciliation. This session allows interested groups or organizations to come together and over lunch and discuss reconciliation for Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. These hour-long sessions are designed to introduce the topic of reconciliation to a group and begin of the process of individual and collective reflection on reconciliation.

For groups that have not worked with Reconciliation Canada before, lunch and learn are an excellent way to assess a group’s interest in the topic of reconciliation and building a relationship with Reconciliation Canada staff. One or two members of Reconciliation Canada’s community engagement team deliver these sessions.