Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop: Professional Learning Experience is a half-day workshop that will provide business and community leaders with the opportunity to engage in dialogue and reflect on the core values of reconciliation, allowing for a new generation of leaders who consciously and thoughtfully choose to live and work in reconciliation. Given the shared desire for a new way forward in Canada, reconciliation is critical in building an inclusive and just society.

What will you take away?

  • Understanding of our shared Canadian history, including but not limited to, the history and legacy of the Indian Residential School system
  • Knowledge of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the TRC Final Report and Calls to Action
  • Understanding of the holistic nature of reconciliation and the role that reconciliation plays in the well being of all peoples
  • Opportunity to build resilient, mutually beneficial relationships within and among diverse communities
  • Skills needed to develop your own reconciliation action plan and to become a reconciliation leader in your community or organization
  • Strategies to develop and integrate a reconciliation framework within organizational culture

Who should attend?

  • Organizational leaders looking for reconciliation training opportunities for yourself and/or your team members
  • Community members who would like to integrate reconciliation practices into their own lives and circles of influence
  • Individuals with an interest in social impact, and bringing reconciliation practices to community-based activities

For those who work for larger organizations and would like a workshop that is tailored to your organization, consider booking a Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop. Click here for more information.


“The transformation of our country depends on the work of reconciliation. Reconciliation that dares to face pain and prejudice with forgiveness and compassion. Reconciliation that enables truth telling and empathy, tears and hope for our children and our grandchildren, for families and communities. The workshop offered space that became sacred through story telling, sharing and openness. Here we were witnesses to hurt, surprize, guilt and shame and led towards possibility and opportunity. Thank you for all who attended and took part through voice and silence, through sorrow and smiles. Reconciliation is transformational.”

– Rev. Christine Rowe, St Mary’s Kerrisdale, Anglican Church

Upcoming Sessions

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