The TRC’s Findings and Recommendations confront the disparity between typical Canadian historical perspectives and Aboriginal reality, bringing light to the Aboriginal truth in Canada – a truth of harm experienced for generations in the Indian residential school system.

Canada owes the TRC commissioners a huge debt of gratitude. The Findings and Recommendations create an opportunity for real change for all Canadians. It provides the potential to educate and provide context for dialogue among governments, private institutions and citizens alike. Moreover, the Findings and Recommendations provide a strong foundation upon which any organization can move forward on reconciliation.

For Reconciliation Canada, the TRC Findings and Recommendations highlight the importance of continuing the work we began three years ago. Our initiatives support the TRC Recommendations in many areas, including education, training and public awareness. Reconciliation is a long journey and there is much work to do.

Through partnership building and working with community organizations, faith-based groups, businesses and governments, we will continue to create a safe space for Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Together, we are charting a New Way Forward.