On June 8, The Environics Institute for Survey Research conducted and released a new national survey “Canadian Public Opinion on Aboriginal Peoples”, which explored “non-Aboriginal public knowledge and
attitudes about Aboriginal peoples”. Reconciliation Canada, along with six other partners, provided support to this project.

The results show an unquestionable surge and growing number of Canadians, who did not self-identify as Indigenous, desiring reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada. Canlı casino siteleri

More than eight out of ten of those surveyed now express a clear desire to be a part of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Eighty-four percent to be exact. This is up from two thirds in 2008. Perhaps most exciting is that this growth was most significant among young people, with an increase of more than thirty percent of surveyed between ages 18-29 believing they have an individual role to play in the reconciliation process.

Reconciliation Canada is extremely grateful for this growing trend towards new relations among all peoples in Canada, and we will work harder to provide support to this momentum. ithalilac.com

You can read the full report from The Environics Institute for Survey Research here.

Canadian Public Opinion on Aboriginal Peoples Final Report was conducted and released by The Environics Institute for Survey Research, with the support of seven leading Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations:

The Circle for Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Tides Canada
Institute on Governance
Canadians for a New Partnership
National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation
The Inspirit Foundation
Reconciliation Canada