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The Cormorant Island Entrepreneur Support Program


Application Form

Information provided with this application will be used only for purposes of the Cormorant Island Entrepreneur Support Program. In particular, the information will be:

  • used as the basis for evaluating and selecting participants for the Entrepreneur Support Program;
  • shared with those individuals who have a role in selecting participants;
  • shared with the Entrepreneur Support Program coach for applicants who are accepted into the program

Information will otherwise be kept confidential. Any personal information provided is voluntary and is obtained via email, web based forms, or paper based forms; this information is collected for the purpose of communicating with and providing services to you. Any personal information we ask you to provide is collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act (FOIPPA).


This application must be completed in one sitting. Please ensure you have all relevant documents and sufficient time to fill out the application form. You may wish to draft you answers in a separate document and copy and paste these into the application form.

Spam filters for organization websites limit the amount of data one can send by email. Attached images and scans, for example, can be very large and cause your email submission for the entrepreneur program to be rejected. If you know how to make your attachments smaller resolution, please do so. If you still have trouble with your submission being rejected as spam, please submit your application with only ‘word’ and/or ‘excel’ document attachments, and send any pdf’s, jpeg’s, etc to [email protected] by separate email. Please put your name and reference the entrepreneur program in the subject line of the email. Thank you!

Applicant Information



  • If two or more people are making a joint application in respect of the same existing company, or a shared business idea, please each complete an application with your own information and ensure that your answers to section B or C, as applicable, are the same. Note the name of your co-applicant(s) below so that related applications can be assessed together.

A. Your Background

  • Please upload a current resume OR complete this section. If applicable, include programs that you have worked towards but not completed.
  • Education/Training

  • Work Experience

  • Other Experience


B. New Business Creation

  • If you are planning to create a new business, please complete this section. (If you are planning to grow an existing business, please go to section C below.)

    Complete only Section B or C, not both

C. Existing Business Development

  • If you are planning to grow an existing business, please complete this section C. (If you are planning to create a new business, please complete section B above.)

    Complete only Section B or C, not both

D. General Information


E. Letter of Recommendation

  • Please submit a letter of recommendation with your application. This could come from a current or past employer, current or past teacher, current or past community leader, etc. It should be from someone who knows you well enough to say why you are a good candidate to participate in the Cormorant Island Entrepreneur Support Program. Please let the person know that we may contact them to discuss your participation in this program.

Application Checklist





Thank you for your application!