We all have parts to play, wherever we are in this jigsaw. And we’re as big as we want to be.

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, Ambassador

Today is 60 days after the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

We are in a moment of massive change, massive transformation, and massive opportunity. We have to do things differently for real reconciliation to happen. Now is the time for urgent action.

Reconciliation is right in front of us. If we really want change, we have to change the system. Even though the work is complicated and challenging, we all have our unique gifts to bring. Together, we can transform our future.

Here’s how big we want to be:

  • We need to expand our education services so more people and organizations can run reconciliation programs across the country.
  • We need to re-elevate Indigenous women back into their traditionally respected leadership roles, to guide us through the economic, environmental and social challenges we now face.
  • We need to build Traditional Houses in every major Canadian city where Indigenous peoples can connect and everyone can learn about reconciliation.

In the last 60 days since September 30, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. We’re bringing on new team members to take on these big goals. We’re recruiting new board members to support and spread the word. We’re talking with partners about how to turn our dreams into reality.

We also need to raise money to support these big changes.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, when we’ll be counting on you for your support, and every dollar you contribute will help to achieve our goals.

Paddle together with us on our journey to advance reconciliation, with understanding, love, and hope, upholding our responsibility to each other.

Now is the time for change. Now is the time for reconciliation. ‘Namwayut: Together, we are one.