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Quotes to share from Chief Dr. Robert Joseph:
“We have an opportunity here, as we mark this historic moment, for us to consider where we want to be in the next 150 years” – Chief Joseph

“If we can all reconcile ourselves as human beings, we hold the hope that the future will be brighter” – Chief Joseph

“Many Indigenous people feel as if the past 150 years do not warrant a celebration; however, I urge Indigenous peoples across this country to become involved with Canada 150 as a celebration of strength and resilience” – Chief Joseph

“There is not a human being on this planet that does not yearn for the deep reconciliation of the human spirit” – Chief Joseph

“The more you want to embrace the notion that you can indeed inspire change, the more power and courage you give yourself to act in the pursuit of justice and equality” –Chief Joseph

“Reconciliation includes anyone with an open mind and an open heart who is willing to look into the future with a new way” – Chief Joseph

“Let us find a way to belong to this time and place together. Our future, and the well-being of all our children, rests with the kind of relationships we build today” – Chief Joseph

Reconciliation, in all its forms, requires patience, openness and courage…


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