We’re delighted to welcome you to the new Reconciliation Canada blog! This is a space for sharing the perspectives of individuals with stories to tell. We’ll also be keeping you up to date with reconciliation news, reflections and current events from across Canada.


A Look Back

Over the past three years, Reconciliation Canada has worked to build a national dialogue on reconciliation. Discussion and dialogue form a very important part of our work. We believe that through sharing and discussing our views, feelings and beliefs, our understanding of each other can be deepened and our relationships can be revitalised and strengthened. We also believe that reconciliation requires the ability to open up to diverse perspectives and difficult conversations.

We’ve been honoured to have worked with a range of incredible projects across the country. From school children to elders, we’ve been inspired by the stories that people have told us and the reconciliation work that they have done – and continue to do. We hope that, by sharing these stories, this blog will help to inspire other people on their own reconciliation journeys.


A Look Ahead

This blog is a space for you to join the conversation. We welcome blog posts on a variety of topics, and are particularly interested to hear about reconciliation projects in your local community, school or organisation. We’d also love to hear from individuals who are combining personal transformation with action.

If you’re interested in contributing to our blog, please drop us an email at reception@reconciliationcanada.ca and tell us what you’d like to talk about in your post. Please include “Reconciliation Canada Blog Submission” as your subject line. We welcome written articles, videos, photographs and artwork.

We look forward to learning from you all.