Thank you for your generous support! The 2017 Winter Fundraiser is now closed. However, you can still support Reconciliation Canada’s programs and initiatives. Make a one-time or recurring (monthly) donation by clicking here or on the button below. Thank you again for your continued commitment to reconciliation!

This holiday giving season, help create more opportunities for reconciliation dialogue and collaboration across the country.

With your generous support, you will enable more individuals across the country to learn about our shared history, engage in reconciliation dialogue, and implement reconciliation action in their communities through educational workshops and speaking engagements. Your generous donations will enable Chief Joseph and other Reconciliation Canada representatives to visit and speak to different communities to share the message of reconciliation.



How do donations help the reconciliation movement in Canada?

By donating to Reconciliation Canada, you are directly supporting public awareness and engagement initiatives that support the reconciliation movement. Here are some of the highlights between January 2016 and March 2017 alone:
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In 2016 alone, Reconciliation Canada’s Outreach team delivered 71 speaking engagements and hosted 10 Information Booths, engaging more than 8,000 people Canada-wide.

These accomplishments were made possible by your support and generosity.



As part of the 2017 Winter Fundraiser, donate $25 or more by December 31st and receive:

  • Chief Joseph’s Reading List
  • Walk for Reconciliation t-shirt
  • Reconciliation Commitment Cards
    If you are donating $25 or more and would like a T-shirt Package, please fill out the form on the Confirmation page after placing your donation. We will be shipping the above items to your specified mailing address at no extra cost. We have three designated shipment dates:
    December 11, December 20, and January 4
    . To ensure that your package arrives by December 25th, please place your donation by 10 a.m. on December 8th.


    “Reading about our shared history and others’ reconciliation experiences is an important part of the reconciliation process. I am honoured to share some of the books that have helped me in my own reconciliation journey.”

    – Chief Robert Joseph