First year law student Bobby Sangha reflects on the meaning of reconciliation for his fellow law students and others in the legal profession. Bobby was inspired to write about these challenges and possibilities after hearing Reconciliation Canada’s Chief Robert Joseph speak at his university.

He writes: “At the heart of [Chief Robert] Joseph’s lecture was not only a desire to speak of the problems of the past or contemporary issues, but a desire to inspire change for the future. He challenged every incoming law student with the task of finding his or her own way to build a better community, no matter how big or small.”

Read the rest of Bobby’s article here at Canadian Lawyer Magazine.


Bobby Sangha is a first year student at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, located at the UBC Vancouver campus. He is a member of several law school organizations dedicated towards social justice initiatives including the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program and the Legal Education Outreach. Prior to attending law school, Bobby earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Political Science and History, spent time as an editor for UBC’s Journal of International Affairs and served as a mentor to incoming undergraduate students.

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