From all of the Reconciliation Canada team, we offer our thoughts and hearts to the youth and families in Attawapiskat going through the fear and pain of suicide and suicide attempts.

There is no greater reason for reconciliation. The crisis in Attawapiskat is a crisis for all Canadians. This is a moment where it is clear that a new relationship among Indigenous peoples, all Canadians and all levels of government is critical for the health of communities throughout Canada.

We must take this moment to reflect on of our own role in this new relationship. We must engage in deep, meaningful dialogue with one another to understand our diverse and shared histories, and learn how we can affect reconciliation within our own spheres of influence. Only then can we move forward in a way that ensures that each individual is celebrated and able to achieve their optimum potential.

“To all the youth in Attawapiskat, know that you are loved. Love yourselves. You have value. You have worth. It starts with you. Live with hope. Find the time. The answers will come. You matter deeply.”

– Chief Dr. Robert Joseph

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