No matter your  Background Age Gender Sexual orientation Religion Race Ethnicity
your voice matters
What can you do?

This is a pivotal moment in the history of Canada. We have the greatest opportunity ever to revitalize relationships among Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. 

Reconciliation Canada has been travelling across the country hearing from thousands of individuals about reconciliation in their communities. We have heard many stories of reconciliation and resilience. Now we want to hear your voice and your thoughts on reconciliation.

Adding your voice through this series of questions will influence how Reconciliation Canada shapes its programming moving forward, and will also add to a growing national conversation on reconciliation.

It will only take 15 minutes to add your voice to the national narrative on reconciliation.


Reconciliation Canada is an Indigenous-led organization. Our vision is a vibrant Canada where all peoples achieve their full potential and shared prosperity. We catalyze meaningful relationships through values-based dialogue, leadership and action. Learn more here.

Reconciliation Canada est organisme autochtone. Notre vision est celle d’un Canada dynamique où tous les peuples réalisent leur plein potentiel et prennent part à la prospérité. Nous cherchons à établir des relations significatives par le dialogue, le leadership et l’action fondé sur les valeurs. Apprenez-en davantage ici.